Alimco Re Ltd Core Partners

ALR is supported across all underwriting, financial, regulatory and risk management activities by two core partners, Multi-Strat Group, and Strategic Risk Solutions (Bermuda).

Multi-Strat (visit website)

MultiStrat is a privately held, specialty reinsurance, agency and capital advisory group headquartered in Bermuda with operations spanning the U.S. and Europe. Unique in its purpose and design, MultiStrat offers:

  • Brokers and reinsurance buyers access to experienced underwriting, customized risk solutions, and excellent security through NAIC or equivalent bank letters of credit and trusts;
  • Alternative investors, family offices, pension funds, and other asset managers an efficient platform for investing in one or more reinsurance transactions; and
  • Cost-effective runoff solutions including exit strategies.

Strategic Risk Solutions Bermuda (SRS) (visit website)

SRS provides substantial operating support through the provision of accounting services, including financial and management reporting, treasury services, collateral management, and compliance.