About ALR

ALR at a Glance

  • Incorporated on October 18, 2019 and is licensed under the Insurance Act 1978 of Bermuda as a Class 3A (re)insurer
  • Bermuda regulated and managed reinsurer, targeting income from underwriting, investing, and fee-based activities
  • Key tenets – Creativity, Flexibility, Speed
  • Targeting small number of transactions, with highly respected partners
  • Underwriting focus is well diversified, medium to long tail, well-understood, well-modeled risks. Modest appetite for property cat exposure
  • Fee-based activities generally focused on, but not limited to transforming reinsurance risk for investors
  • Benefits from an uncorrelated investment strategy managed through the sophisticated family office platform
  • Leverages a low-cost, low-overhead flexible operating model
  • Extremely well capitalized, with a current BSCR (solvency ratio) in excess of 200%
  • Transactions secured/collateralized by Letters of Credit and/or Trust Agreements with reliable, validated financial institutions
  • Relationships in capital markets may accelerate growth of underwriting capacity over time

Balance Sheet / Capital Strength
(June 30, 2023)

Total Assets: $303.5M

Total Liabilities: $138.3M

Total Shareholders Equity: $165.2M

BSCR Ratio: >200%(est)

Services Offered

  • Assumed Reinsurance
    – Strong preference for Quota Share transactions having an aligned interest (i.e. co-participations), and loss limiting features (e.g., loss ratio caps, loss-sensitive ceding commissions)
    – Seeking meaningful participations on whole account or well diversified portfolios
    – Open to single line of business treaties
    – Will generally only offer Property Cat as part of a multiline transaction
  • Fee-based partnerships
    – Transforming UW risk for investors
    – Investment management taking advantage of MILFAM expertise

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